• September 22, 2021

Why You Should Choose A Website Over Facebook To Market Your Business

Do you have a business without an online presence? Well, you are losing leads, profits, and sales. In today’s world, many companies embrace online marketing.

Social media and websites are crucial tools in your online marketing strategy. They are effective in building a company’s brand. Although both websites and social networks like Facebook are powerful at reaching audiences, your individual goals are key in determining the best option.

There are several reasons why you should choose a website over Facebook to market your business.

Total brand control

A well-managed website helps to improve the image of a company. Through a website, you can create a brand story, vision, and values. Valid information on websites helps customers better understand products. Therefore, you control the customer’s perception of your company’s products and services.

A website gives you total control. However, Facebook includes a third party and you must agree to their terms of service to use it. Facebook’s antilogs also change from time to time, which affects you.

Less competition

Paying unmatched attention to customers helps businesses thrive. Using a website helps you get the full attention of a customer. It also helps clients get information without distraction.

Facebook, on the other hand, has different content and a limited time for one to absorb it all. Furthermore, through Facebook, your competition can access your company’s secret game plans.

Search engine optimization (SEO) optimization

A website improves business SEO and Google ranking. Good SEO translates to a good online presence and allows consumers to easily find your products.

Organic ranking saves you capital due to fewer ads. Creating more content helps you improve the ranking of the website.

Due to the high competition on Facebook, companies that depend solely on it have a poor online presence that results in a low ranking.

Google analytics

Through Google Analytics, website owners can know their audience. They can know who the customers are and where they are from, they can also know how they linked to the website, how long they stayed and what they searched for.

This minimizes the effort put into market research. It is an amazing tool that improves the user experience. Although Facebook allows you to see who likes your page, it does not allow you to access their information or use Google Analytics.


Good relationships can be built through websites. Emails help clarify matters that the customer does not understand. Websites help provide more detailed information and therefore convey an in-depth marketing message.

Although Facebook is effective in attracting new customers, it is not effective in completing the sales cycle.

Bottom line

Your company’s online presence should be different. This helps the brand stand out. Customers tend to trust companies with websites. Facebook works for consumer-based businesses. However, it denies you control and uniqueness of your brand. So, as you ponder why you should choose a website over Facebook to market your business, keep in mind that websites help you organize and update information to build customer trust.

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