• September 22, 2021

Ten Pros and Cons to Help Sell Your Home for the Best Price

Many sellers don’t put enough emphasis on fixing their homes when they put them on the market. Even sellers with newly renovated homes need to do this job. There is stiff competition and every detail is important to help you sell fast and for the best price.

So if you want to sell your home, take ten minutes to read this list. Then start packing!

1 Disorder and depersonalize the space! It’s simple advice, but this is the hardest step for marketers. Say goodbye to the house and then erase the memories of the space by putting away personal items. The more potential buyers can display their own belongings in the space, the better.

2 MUST create an inviting entryway that feels great to walk into. Make this space clean, well lit, and up to date. First impressions are critical.

3 INVEST in low-cost, sweaty stocks. Repaint walls a neutral light color, update light fixtures, faucets, doorknobs, and backsplashes. If you don’t have the time, hiring someone to complete these things is money well spent. If you don’t have the talent, hire an interior designer or Home Stager to check on you for a couple of hours. Small cosmetic enhancements add up.

4 DO NOT do major home renovations if you don’t have the time, money, or energy. Jobs like redoing the floor, kitchen, or bathrooms are big and stressful, especially if you live at home during work. Think rejuvenation, not renewal.

5 You MUST invest in sprucing up your outdoor patio or seating area if you sell during the warm months. Potential buyers love the added value of a space to eat or sit outside. Repaint the deck and create a comfortable space with outdoor furniture. An umbrella and a barbecue will be great selling points.

6 DO NOT invest in a pool, hot tub, or fish pond. You will not get your money back. It can even alienate many prospects who are put off by the maintenance involved and the potential danger to young children.

7 MUST give your kitchen or bathroom a surface makeover. These two rooms are the most important in any home. It is not necessary to change all the settings. New faucets, knobs, backsplash, trim, sinks, and paint are easy, inexpensive upgrades. Remember to keep it neutral.

8 DON’T forget about the landscaping and curb appeal. This is the first thing buyers will see. If they are off, you will have to work even more indoors. So why not give it a little care? Paint your front door, give it a new handle, fix cracks in the walkway, paint the mailbox, or buy a new one. Fix or get new house numbers. Make it lovely by pruning all your trees, shrubs, lawns, and adding flowers.

9 YES Be environmentally conscious when moving around. Donate working home accessories to Habitat for Humanity ReStore and take your debris to the ecocenter. Consider re-coating or painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets rather than replacing them. The more you can reuse and reuse the better. The goal here is to spend as little as possible to achieve the greatest impact.

10 DO NOT leave animal marks in the house. Scratched doors, cat litter box, messy eating bowls, furry blankets, and chewed toys should all be gone. Not everyone is an animal lover and they may discard the home entirely if they are allergic.

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