• September 23, 2021

6 SEO benefits you may not know about

SEO helps establish brand awareness

The term brand awareness is the level of brand recognition that a target market has. Shows how familiar customers are with a brand’s products / services. One of the most important steps in marketing a product / service is generating brand awareness.

SEO makes sure that search engines can find products / services easily through organic and regular searches. When a website maintains its highest ranking, it will be more visible to online users.

There is a greater chance that viewers will click on the link, which directs them to the website. That being said, SEO can benefit a business by taking your brand awareness one step further.

SEO ensures that a website is mobile friendly

SEO improves user experience as Google Search added another parameter to rank higher and this refers to creating mobile friendly websites.

In April 2015, Google Search made a statement about how mobile compatibility played a significant role in ranking websites in Google Search. This change will improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate the website.

Businesses that like their website to register well on a variety of mobile devices can enlist the help of Google.

SEO is considered a long-term marketing strategy

The time it takes for a website to reach the top position is the same as it takes to move it down the list. SEO is considered a long-term marketing strategy, in which it takes a minimum duration of six months for a website to stay at the top of the ranking.

As long as the Google algorithm is not changed or the competition has not come up with more powerful SEO strategies, it will not be easy for a website to go down in search rankings.

SEO helps gain market share

When a website stays at the top of the search engine list, online users can easily find it. These users can be considered potential customers. The moment they find the information they need on the website, there is a chance that these potential customers will become customers.

Customers will most likely make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or sign up to become members. Either way, the conversion rate increases. As a result, the company gains market share.

SEO allows the synergy of all online marketing activities

Every online marketing strategy used plays an important role in the success of SEO efforts. These marketing strategies including blogging, content marketing, direct email, e-commerce, social media marketing, and web management help improve rankings on many search engine sites.

Integrating all these online marketing activities and aligning them towards a common goal will allow companies to be successful in their marketing strategies, which include SEO.

SEO increases followers on social networks

Once a website reaches the home page of search engine sites, more online users will discover it. Brand awareness can be very useful even on different social media channels. Most of the time, when online users visit a website, they click on social media icons, and over time they become followers.

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