• September 17, 2021

Steps to use Google Sheets as an Amazon price tracker

The prices of different items can change every day on Amazon. With the help of a Google spreadsheet, you will be able to track these price changes with your email. All you have to do is add the links of the products in question within the Google spreadsheet, configure it and go. Let’s see the steps below:

Generating Amazon Access Keys– Log in to your Amazon Associates account. After that, choose the Product Advertising API from the Tools drop-down menu. From there, in the Add credentials section, choose the Manage your credentials option. From there, you will see that Amazon has generated a secret key and an access identification key.

Copy of the price tracker spreadsheet in your Google account– Remember to keep the spreadsheet layout the same because changing it now could break the price tracker. After the tracker loads, put the Amazon link for your product in the column labeled A. The Amazon link contains the 10-digit ASIN code that Google uses to monitor price changes for that particular product. It can also be seen that the Google spreadsheet that will be used to track the prices will also list other useful details related to the product, such as the merchant name, details about the shipping prices, general classification of the product, etc.

Set price limits– This is an optional step. Here in the price tracker, you can also set price limits, which means that whenever a certain discount is offered on the product, or when the product reaches a certain price, you will receive a notification via your email. This way, you will get a quicker hand on the product, before anyone else. To do this, simply go to column B and specify the percentage or price that you want to specify.

Amazon price tracker setup Within the Google spreadsheets, you will need to go to the Amazon Price Tracker menu, and from there you will need to choose to configure. You may need to authorize the Amazon price tracking script afterwards to connect to the Amazon API and for pending email alerts. After clicking set up, simply enter your Amazon Access ID Key, your Secret Key, and your Amazon Email ID, after which you will start receiving email notifications every day about the products you have listed. in the price tracker. To conclude, the Amazon price tracker is a very useful tool as it can also track price changes for Kindle e-books and help track product prices on each specific Amazon websites. country, such as Amazon.in, Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, etc. This makes it an extremely useful product.

Use this link to copy your created spreadsheet to your Google account.

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