• May 31, 2023

Housework Motivation: 7 Reasons Housework Is Great For Health And Happiness

Regular household chores can go a long way toward achieving your health and fitness goals.

The physical and aerobic nature of much of household chores can be rewarding for your figure and fitness, especially when you perform your chores with the intent to lose weight/tone up and modify your movements for maximum benefit.

But the bonuses are not limited to burning calories. There are a number of wonderful benefits that also occur when doing chores is your exercise of choice. The exercise of household chores can be good for your physical, mental and emotional health; your self esteem; your family harmony; it can even be good for your bank account!

So here are 6 more reasons why a house job can be so good for your health and happiness…

calm the karma

Possibly the biggest advantage of doing chores as exercise is the subtle but hugely beneficial change in attitude. By viewing your tasks as a route to health and fitness, you see them in a whole new (more positive) light.

Approaching your chores as training aids turns mundane work to your advantage. This reduces resentment or a sense of worthlessness that can result from caring for a home. This aspect alone will do wonders for your happiness and well-being, not to mention your relationships.

for the sake of sanity

Any form of exercise is not only good for your physical health, it is also a true tonic for your mental health. But staying on top of your home schedule brings an added psychological boost: It reduces the stress of feeling overwhelmed with household chores. This naturally results in a healthier state of mind.

get up and go

Exercise increases your energy. But the state of your home can also seriously affect your energy levels. So if your house is tidy and enjoyable as a result of a chore/exercise regimen, you get a double boost of energy!

Also, in Feng Shui terms, positive Chi (energy) will create a wonderful ripple effect in all aspects of your life, including your health, love life, and career success.

room to breathe

When you do household chores as a form of exercise, you multitask. You no longer need to fit exercise into your schedule (or feel guilty about not squeezing it in…) Not only does this create more free time, but you can enjoy it in a clean and tidy home!

Very high self-esteem

You’re more likely to feel better about yourself when you’re in good shape. So exercise can be a huge boost to your self-esteem. But when doing chores is your chosen path to health and beauty, you get an extra boost of confidence from a beautiful, well-kept home. Imagine how good that feels!

Wealth and fitness

Working out at home saves a fortune on gym fees, fuel, workout equipment, etc. And a homework workout doesn’t require expensive equipment. Plus, if you previously hired a cleaner or housekeeper, you’ll have less need for their services, yet another savings.

It has also been suggested that the state of your home is a fairly accurate reflection of the state of your finances. So if you clean your abode, you might as well end up cleaning the bank!

So why not try doing chores as a form of exercise? The worst that can happen is that you end up with a tidier home and your chores done. However, the chances are that you will not only be fitter and fabulous, but also more confident, happy and successful.

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