• July 17, 2023

Type 2 diabetes: jumping rope to help burn fat and lower blood sugar

It is rare to find such a simple exercise that appeals to virtually everyone. Walk into a gym, however, and you’ll see such a variety of exercise equipment that it’s hard for a novice to know where to start. So many different options are confusing. The exercise is so easy to do, but it is often presented as more complicated than it is.

Take walking and jogging, for example. These are two activities within the reach of almost everyone. Walking and jogging are basic exercises that should be part of every lifestyle. Going for a walk for 1 hour or running for 30 minutes will definitely benefit your health. You…

  • Burn calories,

  • tone your muscles,

  • decrease your insulin resistance, and

  • boost your cardiovascular health.

All these benefits are ideal for a type 2 diabetic.

That being said, sometimes it pays to switch up your routine. You have a lot to gain by flexing your muscles in a different way. That is why we have chosen to discuss jumping rope as an exercise to treat or control blood sugar and ultimately improve your health. Jumping rope is clearly something that is easy to get into. While it may take a bit of practice for those who haven’t jump rope since elementary school, it’s still a simple exercise nonetheless.

Also, jumping rope is challenging when it comes to training. Ask most cardio experts what they think of jumping rope and you’ll find that they often believe there’s no better exercise for promoting weight loss and good health.

It’s often said that ten minutes of jumping rope at moderate to high intensity is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. That’s not a typo. And if 30 minutes of jogging burns about the same number of calories as a 1-hour walk, you can see just how dynamic jumping rope is in helping you lose weight, as well as control your blood sugar levels. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the remarkable effect it has on your fitness level. If professional boxers, arguably the world’s fittest athletes, rely on jump rope to keep them in peak shape, you could certainly benefit from jump rope training as well.

It’s easy to do, it’s fun, and it can be done anywhere. Don’t worry if you have to rest frequently. In no time, your fitness will improve and you will be able to jump rope for several minutes at a time.

If you are a type 2 diabetic, nothing better for your health than an exercise that makes you sweat more than an intense session of hot yoga.

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