• June 30, 2021

Subway Nutrition: How to Find Low Calorie Foods in Subway

Subway is a popular sandwich chain that offers a variety of sandwiches and salads. While there are some foods that are high in calories, there are some that are low. If you want to find low calorie foods, here are some tips on how to find them:

Go for the vegetables

One of the sandwiches with the fewest calories is the vegetarian sub delite on a nine-grain wheat bread. This sandwich only has 230 calories; therefore, you can eat it without worrying about adding a lot of calories to your body.

Aside from the vegetarian delicacy, other low calorie options you can choose from are: turkey breast and hamburger. Each food contains 180 calories. If you like it, you can opt for the black forest burger that has 290 calories.

Opt for mini subs

If you are a medium-sized eater and have a poor appetite, you should opt for the mini subs as they are not only small, but also contain fewer calories. According to research studies, the calorie levels of mini subs are between 150 and 200 calories.

The mini sub with the fewest calories is the vegetarian delite mini sub which contains 150 calories. There are also the mini black forest burger and turkey breast sandwiches that contain 180 calories. If you love beef, you can opt for the mini roast beef submarine which contains 200 calories.

Eat the right breakfast sandwiches

Subway has several breakfast sandwiches that are less than 200 calories. One of the best sandwiches is the egg white sandwich on cheese flatbread. This contains 170 calories. There’s also bacon and steak, each of which contains 190 calories.

Other Tips on Finding Low Calorie Foods

When shopping, always carefully examine the menu for less than six grams of fat and look for salads and sandwiches that contain your favorite meats and ingredients.

If you love soup, you should always do your research and identify the healthy options available. Two of the best soups to consider are minestrone soup (90 calories) and chicken noodle soup (100 calories).

After you’ve ordered your sandwich, you need to be cautious about which sides you choose. Instead of opting for the usual fries, you should opt for other foods like baked potato chips, apple slices, or low-fat yogurt.

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