• March 23, 2023

Shapes of hardware for glass cabinets: what design to choose for the home

basic overview

Not all cabinet knobs are created equal – just walking into a local hardware store or searching online will give the average homeowner thousands of options to choose from. The best way to start any search for new cabinet hardware is to select a material and narrow down your options from there. Although this will remove many unwanted options, you will still have a wide selection available. This article will provide a brief overview of the popular shapes and designs available in glass hardware.

The simple hexagon (hexagonal)

The six sided hex knob is perhaps the most basic style and a great choice for almost any application. It’s an easy-to-grip six-sided style that’s available in a wide selection of colors and sizes. The available size option is an important feature because not all cabinets and/or drawers require knobs of the same size. A standard cabinet or drawer will use a 1 ¼ -1 ½ inch knob, while a smaller door or drawer might use a 1 inch knob. Matching sweaters are available.

NOTE: These knobs are measured point to point at the widest point of the knob NOT the face of the knob. If you are trying to match sizes of older hardware to new hardware, keep this point in mind.

The decorative decagon

Slightly more elegant but just as wonderful, the decagon knob is a ten-sided design that will provide a slightly more “fluted” glass design. This is especially popular to pair with ornate glass door knobs (especially Victorian-style hardware). These knobs are also available in a variety of colors, but are generally offered in only one size. Matching sweaters are available.

The modern octagon

The Octagon Glass Knob is a classic design that provides a clean look to cabinets and drawers. This eight-sided knob comes in two sizes (1-inch and 1 3/8-inch) and offers a limited selection of colors. The advantage of this style of knob is that the bolt screws in from the back (inside of the cabinet) rather than a bolt that goes through the front of the knob and is visible. Octagon glass cabinet knobs and pulls come in several basic finishes ranging from polished brass to oil rubbed bronze. Matching sweaters are available.

architectural styles

Branching out and using unusual shapes is a great way to bring extra attention to kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cabinets and furniture, but these styles are usually limited to one size (which varies by style) and one color. (transparent). These styles include spiral glass patterns, art deco shapes, nautical themes, floral designs, pumpkin patterns, diamond cut, and a variety more. Matching sweaters are generally not available for these designs.

How to choose the “right” style

Take inspiration from the room and use it as a starting point. Glass cabinet hardware can be used to subtly enhance an existing theme, provide an accent color, or even create a focal point on its own.

Work with your existing parts:

Example: If your room is decorated with vintage Victorian furniture, a contemporary knob might look out of place.

Use color to your advantage!

Example: If your room is predominantly white with blue accent tones, try introducing blue knobs and pulls to add to the theme.

No exact style?

Example: An eclectic design can be hard to match, so using a basic hex or octagon knob can blend well with many architectural styles – basic patterns will enhance the room rather than fight it.

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