• May 25, 2023

Replacing your floor in style

When it’s time to replace the floors in your home, do it in style. Do not choose the first thing you see that is within your budget. Explore the many floor covering options you have and choose the one that will look best in your home. Choose the floor that best suits the use given to each room. Think about maintenance and cleaning when choosing your floor. A white pile rug in a house with children and pets will not be a good choice. Ceramic tiles may not be the best choice in a child’s bedroom, where comfort and smoothness are needed.

Some of the flooring options you have for your home are: solid hardwood, laminated hardwood, veneer or engineered hardwood planks, ceramic or vinyl tile, cork, berber, plush, shag or cut pile carpeting , bamboo planks, cement floor, vinyl sheets and more. Different types of flooring are better for different uses and areas of the house. Bedrooms are areas that work well with rugs for their comfort, softness, and warmth. Kitchens need surfaces that are waterproof and easy to clean, such as ceramic or vinyl. Entrances and hallways need traffic-resistant floor coverings.

Bamboo flooring is less sensitive to water than other hardwoods, so it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living rooms, family rooms, hallways, and entryways. Berber rugs and other levels are very versatile and resistant. It can be used in hallways and family rooms, as well as in other parts of the home. The advantage of the mat is that it lays on a 12-foot-wide pad for a fast, seamless floor. Carpet is one of the cheapest flooring to buy and the fastest to lay, so you get instant gratification. Carpet requires more effort to clean and may be prone to staining. It needs to be replaced more often than hard surface floors like wood or ceramic.

Sheet vinyl or tile products are great for covering kitchen or bathroom floors because they are inexpensive and waterproof. They come in low to high price ranges to suit tight budgets and can be made to look like more expensive ceramic, cork or hardwood flooring. Vinyl can be cut, nickel-plated, or burned, so it is not as durable as ceramic, cork, cement, or wood floor coverings. Your choice of floor covering should be tailored to your needs, use and budget.

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