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What is a List of Electronic Components?

List of Electronic Components

Electronic components are the building blocks of electronic circuits. They are used to build a wide variety of electronic devices like LED flashlights, mobile phones, television sets, radios and even computers. Electronic Components are very important and they come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same function of performing the required operation within a circuit. These components can be categorized into two types: passive and active. Passive elements introduce no net energy into the circuit. They only dissipate, store or release energy in the form of current or voltage. They mainly include two-terminal components like resistors, capacitors and inductors.

A resistor is a passive component that acts as an electrical bridge between two points in the circuit by introducing resistance to the flow of electric current. The resistance of a resistor is measured in ohms. The higher the resistance value, the more opposition it provides to the electric current.

Capacitors are also common passive components that can be found in most electronic circuits. They store energy electrostatically and can be used to delay or prevent current from flowing through a part of the circuit, just like a low-capacity battery. Inductors are two-terminal components that are used to create magnetic fields that can change the voltage level of an AC signal or block it altogether. They are primarily used in circuits that require DC blocking, coupling, bypassing, filtering and tuning loops.

What is a List of Electronic Components?

Transistors are one of the most popular active elements in electronic circuits. They are very easy to identify because of their three terminals; the base, emitter and collector. When the base terminal is charged with a positive or negative voltage, the current in the emitter and collector will start to flow. Reversing the polarity of the applied voltage will stop the current from flowing, which is called forward-biased.

There are a lot of other electrical components that can be used to make a complex circuit, but the above are the most basic and common ones. Most beginner electronics students will work with these basic components. They are sometimes found in a single integrated circuit (IC) together, which is more convenient because of the reduced amount of wires that need to be connected to the other components. However, it is very important to understand how each individual component works before working with it.

There are many free resources on the Internet that can teach you how each one functions. For example, Ohmify is an online academy where you can learn the basics of electronics. This website includes a community forum that can answer your questions about any specific topic you’re not sure about. It is also recommended that you use it to test any new circuits before using them in your own projects. This will help to avoid any mistakes that could cause damage to your project or harm you. You should never experiment with anything that you don’t understand, especially with high-voltage or high-power circuits.

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