• March 31, 2021

Collection of nascent idioms

Five loaves and two fish
We all know the miracle that Jesus did when he fed the crowd of five thousand with 5 loaves and two fish. As an idiomatic expression, it means to go from scarcity to poverty to abundance.
Example: everyone wants 5 loaves and two pieces of fish.
If an economy can flourish with 5 loaves and two pieces of fish, it will be heavenly wonderful.

Jericho wall
Well everyone knows the famous event of the Israelites who marched seven times around the wall of Jericho and fell. It was a miraculous feat. As an idiom, it means accomplishing things with little or no effort.
Example: for me, teaching is a wall of Jericho.
Will Israel’s plan to build the temple within sight of the mosque be a Jericho Wall?

Spatial effect
Kevin Spacey, the American director and producer, is being accused of sexual assault on men. As an idiom, it means an older man who attracts younger men with sexual intent.
Example: the spatial effect is becoming more prominent in the gay world.
Will the courts offer impunity to those who have transgressed with the Spacey effect?

Sword of the WORD
In the New Testament, the word of God is said to be a double-edged sword. As an idiom, it means the power of the word over brute force.
Example: Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence, used the sword of speech in his protest to liberate the Indians from English colonial rule.
Journalists embody the sword of the word when they risk covering news.

From the mouth of the fish
From the mouth of the fish comes from the New Testament when Christ asks his disciple to take a coin from the mouth of the fish to pay taxes to Caesar. Thus we have the golden maxim: “Give Caesar what is his and give me what is mine.” As an idiom, it means divine provision for someone in financial trouble.
Example: I ask Christ to grant me a coin from the fish’s mouth.
When will fish mouth occur in my life?
Winning an international jackpot will be a fish’s mouth for the lucky one.

Sling and David Stone
We all know the biblical incident when the insignificant David with a sling and a stone killed the mighty Philistine Goliath. To God, David was chosen and empowered David to do the great feat. In idiomatic terms, it means doing your best with limited availability of resources.
Example: I wish I could use David’s sling and stone in all difficult circumstances.
Many writers carry out their works by adopting David’s sling and stone.

Demoid is a neologism / idiom coined from Democracy and Schizoid. The afflatus of this creation comes from Catalonia that wants to become an independent nation, free from Spain. Spain has taken decisive measures to avoid dissent and dissociation. Demoid as a language and neologism refers to authoritarianism bequeathed in shackles by a Democracy to prevent the secession of its territory, province or state.
Example: Spain’s attempt to sully and get rid of the secession of Catalonia to become a free democratic country is a Demoid.

Semantics comes from semantics and murder. I would like to use Semanticide in a Christian biblical context. Semanticide refers to the murder of the semantic sense in the history of the word (Bible) and the transcendence to a higher realm of consciousness.
Example: Baptism in water is Semanticide when we a metaphor transcends being and therefore we are crucified with Christ, then we die and then we are resurrected.
A childlike faith in the Bible is semantic.
Christian apologetics uses semanticide.

Trump’s trumplomacy and diplomacy is a language that can be related to the Bible. Jesus said: ‘Be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.’
Example: we can refer to the trumplomacy that was enacted against North Korea by Trump, devastating it if it attacks democratic nations.

Qatar’s isolation is also an example of trumplomacy

Chabahar is a strategic port in Iran. Pakistan’s refusal to transport wheat from India to troubled Afghanistan resulted in India transporting goods from Chabahar. As an idiom, it means bringing goods into a battle-weary country through an exit point when a neighboring country denies it.
Example: India’s goodwill gesture towards Afghanistan resulted in a Chabahar.
During the Berlin blockade, the United States became a Chabahar by conducting vitreous operations.

Everyone knows Halloween, a party that is celebrated against the backdrop of a commercialized market. Halloween as a festival is of Celtic origin and is celebrated with the belief that the spirits of the dead return to earth. Halloween is pagan and satanic. As an idiom, Halloween means the commercialization of a pagan satanic festival.
Example: Why should children be indoctrinated with Halloween?
Halloween enjoys the occult patronage of secret societies and has sterilized the masses into a mental disability.
The marketing of Halloween is vulgar, satanic, and degrading to the intellect.

Peter the disciple
This idiom is taken from the New Testament. When the disciples were rowing the boat on the sea, they were besieged by a violent storm. At that time Jesus was sitting on the shore. They regretted it aloud. Then Jesus walked on the water and when he approached the boat, the disciples thought he was a ghost. Then Peter asked Jesus if you are the messiah, let me walk over to you and Jesus said ‘yes’. Peter walked on the water and when he saw that the storm did not abate, he began to sink. Then Jesus grabbed him. As an idiom, it means rescue from a dangerous situation as a result of divine providence.
Example: Peter the disciple has happened in my life many times.
We can be thankful to God when Peter the disciple happens in our lives.

Weinstein, the producer of Mirmax studios, is known for the sexual abuse of many women. As an idiom, Weinstein is known for sexual harassment and assault on women.
Example: Weinstein is plaguing many countries.
Is the Weinstein effect due to the predatory genes embedded in the brain of man when he began his life as a hunter?

Eemoji Burger
Emoji refers to smileys or smileys and hamburgers is short for Hamburger. Twitter became a screaming bazaar with the tweet: why does Google put the emoji burger cheese underneath, and why does Apple put it on top? To my bloody surprise, this tweet was retweeted and received over 10,000 likes. Why are people obsessed with pseudo-cultural avalanches? As an idiom, it means satanic deification of the media by a credulous public. Who benefited from the emoji burger debate: Google (666 Mark of the Beast) and Apple (sinfully eating the fruit)
Example: Emoji Burger, a satanic deification of the media cult by gullible lambs reveals a false entity of individualism caught up in the media cult frenzy.
Emoji Burgers turns people into cultural misanthropes.
The Google and Apple moguls laugh and glow with satanic taste at the sycophantic hoi polloi bugger emoji syndrome.

Netsteem is derived from the Internet and esteem. As an idiom, it means low self-esteem and personality crisis in danger. There are thousands of Facebook users who keep changing their profile pictures, posting selfies and also writing trivia like, ‘I’m checking in at this airport and stuff – blah blah blah.’
Example: Netsteem is low self esteem.
Netsteem people are internally schizoid, cultural mavericks who indulge in the projection of the selfish personality.
For most of you who are unfamiliar: TATMADAW is the official name of the Myanmar military. In Myanmar thousands of Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic minority, are fleeing the nine-tailed cat imposed by the Junta. As an idiom, it means ethnic cleansing of a religious minority by the military.
Example: The Rohingya bear the brunt of the cruel whip belonging to the Tatmadaw.
Aung San Su Ki has not raised his fist in democratic protest against the Tatmadaw.

Monster freud
Monster Freud woke up in me like a language when I had a dream and when I woke up I couldn’t remember its content. Monster Freud as an idiom means not remembering a dream.
Yesterday I had a Monster Freud.
Most dreams are a Freud Monster to people.

Jean paul sartre
Jean Paul Sartre as an idiom means affirmation or negation in one’s existential thinking.
When I realized that I had not been selected after the interview, I became Jean Paul Sartre.
When my adulterous lover asked me out on a date, I became Jean Paul Sartre.

Sisyphus myth
Camus popularized the myth of Sisyphus in his book and it means living the monotony of existence. In the myth, Sisyphus is forced to roll a rock uphill to discover that it is rolling down again. The Sisyphus myth as an idiom means living an ironic life.
As a writer: I live the life of Sisyphus.
For Camus, life had no meaning and he was a Sisyphus.

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