• June 23, 2023

Can PracticeMaster Cloud Help With Client Intake and Conflict Checks?

PracticeMaster Cloud Help With Client Intake and Conflict Checks

Easily manage your practice and clients with our client intake and conflict checks. Use an online form to allow your patients to fill it out prior to their appointment, saving you time in data entry and reducing the burden on reception staff. Answers flow into the patient’s record and are available to the practitioner, so they can tailor their consultation to your patient’s unique needs and concerns.

Our client relationship management system, Keap, allows you to create bespoke marketing pages that funnel potential clients in and automate email and correspondence with them to foster engagement. It also integrates with your patient database to ensure that when a patient completes an online form they receive the relevant follow up information automatically.

Tabs3 and PracticeMaster are robust practice management, case handling, document storage and accounting systems that have stood the test of time and are utilized by numerous firms across North America. Running these law firm software applications on a private cloud offers the advantages of running such a server/desktop based platform – eliminating the cost and burdens of in house servers and IT support, but with greater mobility, functionality and security than was previously possible.

Can PracticeMaster Cloud Help With Client Intake and Conflict Checks?

Clients and matters are fully managed within PracticeMaster and can be easily viewed on the firm wide calendar and through individual Outlook calendars. Document automation and document assembly make it easy to work with documents and a matter centric file structure keeps all emails, documents, contacts and to-do’s associated with a particular case or contact at your fingertips. Matter centric calendars are easily managed and rule based calendaring and triggers can pre-program activities for you, like scheduling a call to follow up with a client when documents have not been received when requested.

All your billing and financial transactions are integrated within practicemaster cloud and can be easily viewed and reconciled with a full range of financial reports. Time tracking and billing can be quickly and easily logged using simple to use timers, which can then be turned into fees for inclusion on your next client statement. Invoicing options are comprehensive and flexible, allowing you to easily select the appropriate rate and invoice the client immediately. Clients can be paid on line and credit card payments are securely processed via Stripe.

PracticeMaster is fully scalable to include multiple practitioners, rooms or locations and can be used on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It also integrates with a variety of external software systems to enable you to manage your firm and its information from anywhere.

For example, the intellectual property firm of McHale & Slavin used PracticeMaster to organize docket submission dates so no deadlines would be missed, and to centralize document management for easy access by the entire team. This helped the firm to improve efficiency, save time and increase billable hours.

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