• June 22, 2022

A life-changing decision: one woman’s true story

Many people thought that I had lost my mind when in what we call recession times, I voluntarily (without redundancy) gave up a successful career as a director of a software company, to follow my dream, which is my passion for writing.

Born into a work-oriented family in Co. Cork, Ireland, I originally embarked on a science-trained path, earning degrees in math, science and electronic engineering. Despite the outward success of spending over fifteen years as a businesswoman in the IT industry, I struggled on the inside because I felt trapped in a career that conflicted with my heart. And it was after my father’s death in 2006 that I was startled into a sudden awakening when I began to ask myself, “What is life all about?” and “why are we here?” These basic questions were the beginning of what I describe as an incredible heady ride, as I began to reconnect with my intuitive self that had been prominent in my childhood. This prompted me to pack up my career to follow a path of self-discovery and find a more sincere purpose in life. Ultimately, this led me back to expression through writing, a passion I have had for most of my life and used to describe as my hobby.

In my experience, the more we focus on life’s struggles, the more we feed the pain-driven mindset, which embeds itself in us and becomes our reality. This means that we attract what we focus on, and this is independent of external circumstances over which we may not have any control. There is no formula, as many people know, and changing careers or finding more purpose in our lives is a combination of pragmatic and practical planning, creating a positively focused vision, and a very important, and very often forgotten, ingredient is faith. . And faith and belief in what you decide to do comes strongly through developing your intuition.

Through my own journey in life, I have learned that intuition is the key to connecting with a divine source within ourselves, as opposed to orthodox beliefs in a deity that resides outside of us. We are all divinely connected, and as we become more curious about this great mystery in life, seeking our own heartfelt truths and blending our physical surroundings with a spiritual awareness, we are guided to new heights of awareness of our abilities. and wishes

Everything starts with an idea, a dream, and then it’s up to us what we do with it. So how do we know if our idea is a fleeting or even impossible notion of the day or a true intuitive thought about a direction to take? It’s a huge topic, but one of the easiest ways to recognize true intuition is when it’s a strong recurring thought. Intuitive thoughts are consistent, inspired thoughts and will be aligned with something that really interests you; something that gives you a lot of inner joy in doing it and at the same time brings more joy to those around you. If your thoughts are ego-driven (the biggest interference to intuition), they will tend to change, and ideas come and go, lack consistency, and are in fact driven by sheer ambition, regardless of where they are. Find your natural talents.

Faith increases as your intuition develops more, and when I speak of faith, I am not speaking from any religious prejudice, since for me, faith is like a prayer that visualizes the result you want with the best of intentions; and in doing so, we grow both personally and spiritually as we connect with our own voice and authentic truths.

There are those who tell me that it is easy for me! And maybe that’s because I don’t have a tendency to focus on others or constantly offload my ongoing personal struggles. As we go through our own unique lives, it is about staying open to the message that a particular crisis or equally synchronicity may bring, always learning from mistakes made in the past and using that information to propel you forward as you implement changes you want. in your life too.

And by following your passions, and knowing what makes your heart sing, having faith in what you do and knowing that you are divinely connected, and committed, you can also bring more joy into your life. The journey always continues… all that is required is to be open to whatever life may bring.

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