• November 25, 2021

Who Invented Bacon?

There is not much information on who invented bacon, but bacon or also known as bacoun, was used to generally describe pork. Bacon is the meat from the sides, belly, or loin of a pig. The meat of other animals can also be used to prepare meat similar to bacon. It is cured and usually smoked before people buy it and cook it at home. Bacon has fats that give it the most intense flavor as well as making it crisp and tender when cooked. Don’t neglect fats though, as good bacon requires a substantial amount, usually half to two-thirds of the fat. But since bacon can only be consumed after cooking, most of the fats are removed.

In the 17th century, the Oxford Companion to Food began to refer to bacon as a product of the United Kingdom. However, there were others who claimed that bacon was not the only product of the British. The British system for producing meat was also used in other regions. There were claims that canned pork had been included in the British diet for a few hundred years. However, no one knew who invented bacon.

During the 18th century, the production of bacon in Great Britain has spread widely. Drawing on the reference to the recorded history of bacon, John Harris of Wiltshire operated one of the first shops in the country to cure bacon. Since then it has become a famous place for the production of bacon.

A more detailed description was that the word bacon is actually derived from the German word bak. The French then obtained it from the Germans and presented it to the English. The word was first used in English in the 12th century. However, many have been unsure as there is ambivalence about the meaning of bacon; either referring to cured meat or just pork.

The Romans had their version of bacon, the petaso. Building on the history of bacon, the Romans invented bacon by browning meat and flavoring it with pepper and wine. Anglo-Saxons use bacon fat as an additional flavor for other foods, even today.

William Ellis wrote that in 1750 bacon was a very popular diet among the English and French. More specifically, meat was a favorite among the people of the north of England. It was named pickled pork. Although a lot of history has been found about bacon to this day, doubts remain about the inventor of bacon.

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