• September 15, 2021

Tips for effective WoW Grind in the Outland area

Everyone wants to gain experience as quickly as possible in World of Warcraft. However, many gamers fear the idea of ​​the WoW grind. Hunting creatures over and over to gain levels can quickly get boring. However, you can make it more exciting by exploring the best WoW job zones in the Outlands while practicing helpful tips to make the process easier and faster.

Tips for an interactive WoW Grind

One of the biggest complaints players have is that it can get terribly monotonous with little thought required. There are ways to make it more interesting, or at least to make time go by faster. The first way is to test multitasking while working in WoW. Put on your favorite movie or TV show, or put on some great music to keep your mind entertained.

Another great way to keep the painless is to be in good company. Consider bringing a friend or two for a chat and spending quality time together to level up. If you are looking for efficiency and prefer not to split experience and loot, then chat on a chat channel or use voice chat. By having someone to chat with, your WoW routine will be much more bearable.

Levels 60 to 61

When you start in the Outlands, you will probably be around level 60. First, head to the lowest level area, Hellfire Peninsula. The most ideal WoW routine location is Legion Front. Here you can hunt Wrathguards to have a good experience. They die pretty fast so you can level up to the next area quickly.

Levels 61 to 63

Once you’ve leveled up the Wrathguards, continue to Funggor Cavern. Here, you can hunt Marsh Elementals. These also die quickly and deal minimal damage to players. The scenery is also interesting and a nice change from the fiery Hellfire Peninsula.

Levels 63 to 65

Then continue to the Terokkar forest area. Firewing Point can be a challenging hunting area, but it is where you will get the most experience. Be prepared for mobs that bring a friend. Before heading out into the WoW grind, make sure to collect all the available missions. You will finish many as you kill creatures that will give you even more experience.

Levels 65 to 67

Pass levels 65 to 67 in Nagrand. Head to the area around Oshu’gun, focusing around the three little crystals there. Here, the Vir’aani Clan roams and offers a great experience. Voidspawn also appear in this region and can be quickly killed for another experience boost.

Levels 67 to 68

This is where your WoW routine gets a bit tricky. You will then move on to the Blade’s Edge Mountains. This inhospitable area is not a great place for a WoW grind. If you want to get through this level quickly, it is highly recommended that you focus on completing missions in Blade’s Edge.

Level 68 to 69

Once you’ve exited Blade’s Edge, it’s time to move on to the devastated area of ​​Nether Storm. Like Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm is not a good place to do WoW. Give the Ethereum Staging Grounds a try, but get ready to go on missions.

Levels 69 to 70

This is the final stretch of the Outlands, so head to Shadowmoon Valley. The best WoW grind location here is Legion Hold. Kill the Shadow Council Warlocks because they die quickly and often drop good items. Note that the occasional elite mob remains here.

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