• May 21, 2022

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Business Plan – In Just Seven Sentences

If you are new to internet marketing and have a product, a website and are ready to get started, then this article can make your business run much better and more profitable.

This is why:

I have interviewed many internet sales and marketing experts over the years. And not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a very important name in the marketing industry, Jay Conrad Levinson.

And during that interview I did a detailed Q&A with him, where people on my list emailed me questions to ask Jay.

One of the questions someone asked was how to develop a good, solid marketing plan.

Jay’s response was so good that I think everyone who sells something online should write it down, study it, and use it every time they do business.

This is what he said:

What he always recommends is writing down simple seven sentences which he calls “guerrilla marketing plan”.
And the seven sentences are basically like this:

The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing; what physical thing you want people to do: visit a website, call an 800 number, look for your product the next time they’re in the store, reply to your email, clip a coupon, etc.
In other words, what do you want them to do physically?

The second prize indicates the main benefit or competitive advantage that you need to achieve your purpose. You can have 100 benefits. Choose the main. Specifically, choose your competitive advantage that your competition doesn’t offer.

The third sentence of your marketing plan lists your target audience or audiences.

The fourth sentence lists the marketing weapons you will use. For example: article marketing, advertising, pay per click, search engines, referrals, etc.

The fifth prize tells your niche in the market. What is the first word you want to come into people’s minds when they see your product? Your name? Maybe your company name?

The sixth sentence tells your identity (not your image), your distinctive personality. You don’t want to be a cold, faceless institution in anyone’s mind. You want to be a flesh and blood person with a real personality.

Finally, the seventh prize tells your marketing budget, which should be expressed as a percentage of projected gross sales.

And that is.

Jay’s simple plan works almost like magic for people.

It keeps you on track, keeps you focused, and keeps your goals aligned and easier to achieve.

The next time you need to launch a new product or business, use this simple guide. It can make everything work much easier, faster and more profitable for you.

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