• November 28, 2021

Tantra School Tales: Is Your Penis Too Big, Small, or Perfect?

The Kama Sutra

The age old question of size was bound to come up during my first stint at a tantric yoga school. After weeks of spiritual and physical yogic practice on a tropical island, we were about to embrace more of the “juicy bits” of tantra. Thirty students sat waiting for the Swami to enter, wearing the usual orange garb and taking a seat in their little “thrown” with a view of his sea of ​​followers. Notebooks in hand and in position on our yoga mats, we were ready and prepared for the “size matters” talk. Taken from the Kama sutra and the Ananda Ranga (an Indian sex manual written in the 16th century) the Swami proceeded to “enlighten” us.

It is really small something “bad”

Swami was direct and to the point of not forgiving any man or woman for their blush. He dove right in with “yes, size does matter” and if a man had a small penis, in his opinion, it was due to bad karma. Looking around the room, it was easy to tell which of the men had “bad karma,” allowing me to instantly cross some names off my potential list. He went on to say that during tantric intercourse, the head of the penis must touch the cervix, and if this does not happen, powerful cervical orgasms will not occur. While scribbling a cervix in my book, he went on to explain the three sizes of the male “organ” (shiva lingham) and the three sizes of the female “organ” (yoni).

The shape of things to come.

The three categories for the male are: the hare, the bull and the stallion. The “hare” was categorized by a lingham that does not exceed twelve centimeters when fully erect. This man is generally short, well proportioned, and quiet in character. All the silent short men in the room began to sweat a little. Swami continued, “The bull does not exceed eighteen centimeters, the man is robust, with a high forehead, large eyes and a restless temperament. He is all ready for lovemaking and is known to be the middle dimension.” This sounded a bit crazy to me, huge eyes, crazed and restless sex. Now came the “stallion”, his lingham did not exceed nine inches, and I quote, “the owner of such implement (I chuckled) He is usually tall, burly, muscular and has a deep voice. “Many men nodded knowingly and seriously in the room until he continued,” he is described as gluttonous, greedy, passionate, reckless. and lazy. He walks slowly and cares little about making love, unless “Swami hastened to add,” he is suddenly overwhelmed with desire. His semen is abundant and salty. He is known as a man of great dimensions. “

At this stage I had to wonder if Kama sutra and the Ananga ranga they were laughing at my expense. None of this sounded remotely appealing, his descriptions were full of lazy, lazy, Frankenstein types. To say that he was a little distraught would be a true statement. Now it was the ladies’ turn, somehow I knew that he would not be gentle.

The lady bites

Women’s yoni They come in three different sizes, the deer, the mare and the elephant. Hearing the word elephant, I choked on my own saliva and knew it was going to get ugly. The “deer” was described as a vagina no more than four inches deep, and the woman would have a smooth, youthful body with well-proportioned breasts and solid hips, eat moderately, and be addicted to the joys of lovemaking. she “yoni juice“It would have the pleasant scent of lotus flowers. I sat there thinking about how a lotus flower smelled, not entirely convinced by this statement, however, I began to scribble lotuses in my notebook while he continued with the” mare “. Apparently she has a yoni It does not exceed eighteen centimeters in depth, has a delicate body with wide hips and breasts and its umbilical region is raised. I thought it sounded a bit like me, unsure how to actually measure vaginal depth, I would have to continue the description.

Images of cylindrical rulers dancing in my head, there must be an easier way. Smiling, I looked at my little belly confirming my “mare” diagnosis. He went on to add that she is versatile, funny and loving, she likes good living and a lot of rest, she has big and beautiful eyes and a long neck. She doesn’t orgasm easily and her “yoni juice “ it has the pleasant scent of a lotus flower. Well, I thought this wasn’t so bad, that it didn’t sound like derogatory descriptions from men, but I had thought about it early, as he continued with the elephant woman. She yoni She is about eight inches deep, has large breasts, a plank face and short limbs, is gluttonous, eats loudly, and has a harsh, harsh voice. He is apparently not easily satisfied and has the “secretions” that smell like, and I quote, “elephants in heat.” Fifteen pairs of female eyes greeted him with deathly silence.

So size doesn’t really matter

At the time, he wasn’t entirely convinced of the accuracy of these broad statements, smells and all. But as the conference progressed, it became clear that size was not the big issue, but having a good partner. Both Tantric and Taoist sexual practice work on the basis of fit, whereas the ideal partner was hare and deer, bull and mare, stallion and elephant. You can mix a deer with a bull, but never a deer with a stallion. If he lingham it is too short, a woman will not be able to have powerful cervical orgasms. However, there are positions that can improve penetration; There are also tantric exercises to improve the size of the lingham if in fact it is too small for the woman. Conversely, there are positions that allow more comfortable lovemaking if the man is too big. Fortunately, Tantra had many answers to these rather private questions.

This was just another morning at tantra school, enlightening, funny, slightly embarrassing, open-hearted and warm. It was refreshing to be in a room full of people just coming forward to be honest and sincere about some of the aspects of themselves that cause them embarrassment. It was also humbling to see questions answered, myths dispelled, and students had “aha” moments.

Another day on the inner journey, blissful.

Like inside, so outside


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