• June 12, 2021

Semi-trailer accessories are your best advertisement

The best way to add value to your semitrailer truck is to add accessories to it. While these words may sound like an accessory dealer’s sales pitch, the fact is that often the first thing a potential customer notices of a trucker’s services is your equipment. If the truck, or the entire fleet, looks neat and attractive, the impression of that business is positive. This is true for a trailer operator, fruit and produce dealer, trucking carrier, even septic tank and sanitation collection services.

Pride in a job well done and concern for customer service are reflected in the way a great platform is maintained. This can be accomplished with a simple but well thought out paint job, and can go to the extreme with elaborate lighting and chrome fixtures. For example, semi-trailer wheels can be simply painted and decorated with nut covers, or they can be covered with a variety of wheel accessories such as full stainless steel axle covers or simulators. A more expensive option would be aluminum wheels with stainless steel axle covers and nut covers.

Increase safety and appearance with LED lights

Lighting is another method of showing pride in your trip. In addition to increasing the safety factor, today’s LED lights use minimal amperage and pack a punch. A trucker can use ten times more lights than in previous years, and yet cannot consume more battery power. The LED lights are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be installed in unusual places on the vehicle: in the wheel wells, on the grille, on a visor and in the air vents.

Big Rig accessories make long hours behind the wheel enjoyable

Other standard equipment (fenders, bumpers, tool boxes, tailpipes, mud flaps) can be left in original condition, but are often seen in chrome and stainless. All of this contributes to a good public image of your truck. Interior accessories, while not necessarily visible to the public, also give a sense of pride of ownership and make long hours in the cabin more enjoyable. For example, there are dashboard accessories, designer steering wheels, and gear shift knobs. Chrome and stainless accessories are available for most trailer models, and custom items can often be made. Altogether, these items add a touch of class to any large truck!

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