• November 24, 2021

Role Play MUD: Five Things to Do Outside the Cities of Achaia

So you’re just starting to play this gigantic new text game, and you’ve got a class, you’ve joined a city, and maybe you’ve even embraced conformity by joining a House. Now, however, he spends much of his time idly within the confines of familiarity, unsure of precisely what there is of interest to do outside the walls of his city. You could explore the other cities in the text game, a topic for perhaps another article for another time, or you could delve into the expansive world of Achaea outside the cities, to see what unique wonders you can find.

Here are five suggestions to start your search.

1. Treat yourself to the seaside town of Tasur’ke

Create custom treats at Allea’s Sweet Shop by dipping an apple in caramel or a cherry in chocolate. Don’t forget to top them with sliced ​​almonds or crushed candy cane chunks! With six different fruits to choose from, three dipping sauces, and three dry toppings, your ability to customize your treat to your particular taste seems endless. This trip is perfect for a family outing, while shopping for a gift for someone special, or just to treat yourself.

On the other hand, if sweets aren’t your thing, just head to the corner of the tobacco shop where Davel, a tobacco merchant, sells a wide variety of snuffs, tabacs, and cigars. With a type of smoke to satisfy every craving and palette, Davel’s products really are habit-forming!

2. Get your custom bound journal at Suthaine’s Bookbindery in Arcadia.

Don’t settle for conformity! Personalize your journal, or choose one to personalize it, at Suthaine’s Bookbindery. For a fee, Suthaine will re-bind your journal with her carefully selected selection from her wide range of fabrics, fonts and colors. Let your journal be as unique a fashion statement as you are.

3. Get ready for Marianna’s perfumes and cosmetics.

A must before any date night or illustrious event, Marianna’s Perfumes and Cosmetics is a one-stop-shop for all things luxurious located in the village of Caer Witrin. From candles that fill the room with scents that excite the senses to perfumes that make the wearer the center of attention wherever they go, Marianna has truly mastered the art of enhancing beauty. Browse your selection of different makeup products and shades as well, but remember to purchase a mirror to receive its full transformative effect!

4. Head north to hear the Universal Membrane.

While the hike up the Saoghal Valley is long, those who make the trip will find it worthwhile. There, under the Soaghal Lake, you will find the Universal Membrane. Here, the spoken words of all the realms are captured as the voices travel across the membrane of the universe to the ears of those who remain. Learn the secrets of Wisdom, have fun with random jokes, and get a little clarity on what’s going on in the world.

5. Explore New Thera.

When your legs get exhausted from walking, take a private room at the Wander Inn in New Thera for some sleep. You will need the rest to be able to fully enjoy all that the town has to offer.

Money can certainly buy your love at the pet store in New Thera, so take your winnings from your quick trip to Ace of Spades Casino and buy yourself a loyal companion. Daveed, the animal trainer, has carefully bred and trained a wide variety of dogs, cats and birds who would be grateful to have a nice home. Name them, feed them, play with them, and train them to do some tricks while you do it!

Once you’ve finished picking out some toys and treats for your new partner, head over to Shura, Mistress of Games and visit their game store to reward yourself with one of a wide selection of games. From Mancala to Pearls, you will find days of entertainment within the store’s inventory. Choose a game that you are already familiar with or challenge yourself to learn a new one with the help of a well-written set of instructions.

Finally, after all that time away from your hometown, take the time to reconnect with friends through the very special stationery sold by Josie, a simple artist. A variety of bright colors, the letters sold in this store can be made into a variety of shapes. A parchment paper on the wall offers various suggestions ranging from an angel to a snake, and a full tactic of creatures and items in between.

While there are certainly many other delights hidden within the expansive world of Achaea, outside its city walls, there is certainly something to be said for the joy of discovery. Fork off when you’re idle and dare to leave your homeland and explore the entire world of text games. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

By Teresa Harlan

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