• November 29, 2021

Internet Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

A non-profit organization can implement Internet marketing to great profit at a nominal cost. This includes an optimized website, social media marketing on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube, PPC ads, and email marketing.

For smaller nonprofits (NGOs, charities, orphanages, nursing homes, campaign organizations), running operations, getting engaged volunteers, and raising funds is an ongoing challenge. Surveys have revealed that in developing countries like India, adoption of online marketing is poor in the nonprofit sector. Many organizations don’t even have a website. They rely on word of mouth and print media to spread information and obtain donations. Some use email marketing and telemarketing to obtain donations; the success rate of both tactics is low, as the message is unsolicited and the target audience suffers from spam.

A non-profit organization can implement an Internet marketing strategy to make huge profits at a nominal cost. The main steps are:

– Establish an online presence with a website. If budget for web development and hosting is an issue, then creating a simple site on free blogging platforms like Blogger.com and WordPress.com is easy.

– Follow website SEO best practices on your own or outsource to an SEO consultant for high organic traffic and conversions.

– Implement payment gateway on the website to accept donations (eg PayPal, Internet banking gateways, Google Wallet)

Social media marketing

Establish a social media presence: Create a Facebook page, a Google+ page, or both.

Be clear about your goals on social networking sites. Are you recruiting volunteers? Cultivate activists? Motivate people to donate? Your fans appreciate the updates and information about your success and new campaigns. Create posts specifically for Facebook not only with text, but also with photos and videos. Don’t ask for a donation directly, but talk about your case studies and work.

Check out the Google for Nonprofits page at https://plus.Google.com/+GoogleforNonprofits for valuable tips and resources.

Facebook Causes is a tool that allows non-profit organizations to develop campaigns in

Facebook and can be a successful way to attract new donors, raise money, and share information about volunteer opportunities. Causes have created free, customizable fundraising pages that integrate with Facebook.

Video marketing

Create engaging videos with expert interviews, engaging case studies, and success stories from your nonprofit organization. Upload your videos to YouTube and optimize them for search engines by inserting keywords in the title, description and tags.

Certified nonprofits can gain more exposure through the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

Selected nonprofits receive special benefits such as premium branding capabilities, increased upload capacity, an optional Google Checkout “Donate” button, a listing on nonprofits channels, and organization video pages. nonprofit and the ability to add a call to action. Overlay on your videos to drive campaigns.

Google AdWords

You can apply for Google Grants. Google Grants recipients receive a grant of up to $ 10,000 per month for free AdWords advertising on Google.com. Google Grants is open to organizations based in the countries listed at http://www.Google.com/grants/domains.html.

Email campaign

Make Donation Email Campaign More Effective: To create impact, add videos and images to tell your story visually, with hyperlinks to your Facebook page and Google+ page to showcase your success stories and your community.

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