• November 28, 2021

Importance of roof maintenance

A wooden deck is always preferred over a synthetic deck for those who want an authentic feel and great look. However, wooden decks need to be properly maintained and should be cleaned and stained at least once a year to keep them looking good and durable.

Reasons for roof maintenance

Throughout the year, dust, snow, rain and sun affect your terrace. Various particles lodge in small areas of the surface and can cause a lot of damage to the wood. Because a platform is flat, there is no slope for them to flow down and accumulate on the platform. The sun hits the deck as well, causing the color to fade into a discolored deck.

How to maintain your cover

Roof maintenance is quite simple and only needs to be done once a year. Ideally you should seal the deck to prevent any kind of leaks and then you should stain the deck. The best time to do this is during the spring. Most people end up cleaning their home during this time anyway, so the deck needs to be scrubbed and cleaned properly as well. Another advantage is that if you keep the cover in the spring, you prepare it for the summer and winter afterward. Since the least amount of deck damage usually occurs during this time, you will have a nice shiny deck to place your summer furniture in and enjoy the space.

Best types of staining

There are several staining options available for wood decks. You can choose from a variety of opaque tints, semi-transparent tints, and transparent tints.

Opaque staining– This type of staining is great if you want to try to cover up any marks on the platform. It also offers the best protection for wood. However, it is not as popular for people who want the natural wood grain of the deck to show through.

Semi-transparent staining: This type of stain is the most recommended for those who want to provide protection to their terraces but still reveal the natural beauty of the wood. Although this type of stain does not give you the same amount of protection as opaque stain, it does give the platform a reasonable amount of protection.

Transparent staining: This stain is not recommended because it does not give any type of protection to your terrace. However, it completely preserves the natural beauty of wood.

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