• July 29, 2021

Creating and Using Leadership Training Programs: 6 Basic Concepts

After more than four decades of personal involvement, in almost all areas / aspects of leadership, from identification and qualification, to training, development and consulting of actual and / or potential leaders, to service, multiple times, As a leader, I have become quite alarmed by the apparent dearth of quality leadership and its ineffectiveness. No organization can remain relevant and sustainable without effective leaders, and since there are no groups of born leaders who, to remain strong / viable, must ensure that their leaders are well trained and qualified, to make a significant difference, for the better! ! With this in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss 6 basic concepts, which must be covered, thoroughly, in a professionally designed and properly utilized / utilized leadership training program.

1. Time-tested leadership rules: There are certain principles that are the foundation of all effective leadership! As a starting point, groups should be confident that their helms are led by individuals, knowledgeable and ready, willing and able to effectively learn these time-tested basics. Although each organization is different and has different needs, there are certain needs, regardless of the leader.

2. Specific needs of the group: Since different groups often have different needs and priorities, each potential individual must be knowledgeable about the history, legacy, mission, and vital and vibrant vision of the specific organization, and how it should proceed. , to proactively consider them and create the best way forward!

3. How to create and use strategic and action plans: Many talk about a strategic plan, but few actually create one that considers strengths and weaknesses, needs, goals and priorities, in a focused way, looking for the best and most viable solutions, rather than simply complaining. / complaining, about perceived and / or real problems! Part of the training should be how to create a meaningful strategic plan and then use the findings to perceive and conceive, create and implement the most appropriate, relevant and sustainable action plans.

Four. Developing the best inner circle / advisers: The most effective leaders realize how important development is, the best inner circle of trusted advisors, who will provide you with what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Always ask, what is it that each individual, bring – to – the – table!

5. Inspirational / motivating components: How can someone be effective, unless / until they consistently inspire and motivate past, present and potential constituencies and stakeholders? Part of the training, it should be noted, this essential area!

6. Answer questions / address concerns: How one answers questions / addresses concerns often makes a significant difference between effective leadership and less than the best. Every potential leader must be fully trained and familiar with the 5 steps to best handle them!

If you want to create the best leaders, use a professionally designed and personalized leadership training program and use it consistently and effectively! Is your group ready to become stronger, more relevant and sustainable?

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