• May 31, 2023

Boiler Maintenance Procedure

What is really a boiler service and what does it consist of?

The boiler maintenance procedure is very different for many companies.

For some, no names, it’s just inserting the flue gas analyzer probe into the stack and printing out the readings.

If they’re within limits, that’s the boiler serviced.

To me, a boiler fitter, that’s not a boiler service, it’s just a flue check and nothing more.

The boiler maintenance procedure that use goes a bit like this

Arrive at the property at the agreed time, if you are late, contact the client to keep them informed, nothing worse than waiting for someone to arrive.

Once at the property, introduce yourself, show the customer the Gas Safe ID card, explain how to verify the card details.

This will assure your client that you are a registered professional gas safety engineer.

Now that the card is out of the way, politely ask the customer to show you the location of the boiler.

Ask them if they have had any problems with the boiler recently, if anything has changed in the heating system, if the system has been drained, if the radiators have been replaced.

This will give you an idea of ​​what to look for.

Now the maintenance of the boiler

First of all, we carry out a visual inspection of the boiler.

1 Check that the boiler is installed correctly and in accordance with current regulations.

2 Is the flue gas connection to the boiler correct and safe for use?

3 Look for any damage to the boiler that could impair its operation.

4 Make sure that if ventilation is required, it is the correct size.

5 Check for signs of water leaks inside the boiler.

6 Look for any previous repairs.

7 Make sure the boiler is adequate for the size of the property.

8 Run the boiler in heating and hot water modes before beginning service.

By running the boiler, this proves that both hot water and heating were working at the time of service.

Some scrupulous customers try to say that the boiler was running before you performed the service, when in fact it was not.

Performing this check can confirm if the boiler was working or not.

Now to check the gas meter

Check the location of the gas meter, carry out a risk assessment, making sure that everything complies with current gas regulations.

Does the emergency control valve have a handle installed so that the gas can be isolated and made safe should a situation occur?

Verify that the protective equipotential ground connection is connected to the output side of the gas meter and that it is the correct size.

Check for gas leaks.

Perform a step test to establish that the emergency control valve will not let gas through when off.

Now carry out the gas tightness test in the prescribed times, upon completion, print the results and attach them to the boiler service certificate.

the boiler

Some makes of boiler have a fault memory which can be checked, they normally store up to 10 faults, this will tell you what has been going on and what to look for.

Check the operating and work pressures of the gases, making sure that they are within the limits.

Isolate the power supply to the boiler, checking at the same time that the fuse installed is of the correct size.

Depending on the make and model, follow the boiler maintenance procedure according to the instructions in the boiler manual.

If you don’t have access to the boiler manual, you can download a copy from the Internet, just search for the make and model you need and download it.

Turn the boiler back on, recheck that both hot water and heating are still working.

Now we come to the gas rate, this needs to be checked to make sure the boiler is getting enough gas. There are many apps available to help you figure out a gas rate.

Now we do another gas tightness test on the meter to make sure there are no gas leaks.

Certified Boiler Maintenance Procedure

Now that the boiler service has been completed, remove all tools and any dust covers from the site, ensuring that the work area around the boiler has been left clean and tidy.

Enter all the details of the boiler service in the certificate.

If necessary, attach any warning notices to the boiler, complete a warning notice certificate, and inform the customer of your findings.

Explain why the boiler has failed and what is required to bring it up to regulatory standards.

Finally, give all the paperwork to the client, including the invoice.

Ask the customer if they are satisfied with your service and if they would be so kind as to leave you a review.

Each company has its own way of performing a boiler service, the above is our boiler service procedure.

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