• June 23, 2022

Better Life in Europe – Learn about the benefits of becoming a citizen of the European Union

Have you ever thought of becoming a citizen of the European country? Maybe not. Europe consists of 27 countries including Italy, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and many more.

Trying to settle in Europe as a newbie may seem too difficult, however, the European constitution has a lot to offer people, especially those who are citizens. You may have heard at one time or another that if you emigrate to Europe, you will never find a job unless you rent or own a place to live and you will never be able to rent or own a place unless you have a job that supports it. make it almost impossible to live there.

Whatever the case may be, people are still migrating to Europe, which is the main reason its population is increasing rapidly. These people travel to Europe because they know the benefits they can get. Without a doubt, there are so many places in Europe that you would love to see while you are still alive, some of these places are, Brussels – Belgium, Frankfurt – Germany, Berlin – Germany, Zurich – Switzerland, Rome – Italy and Dubrovnik. The good thing is that you can see all these places even if you are in Europe as a resident or a visitor, but when you finally become a citizen, that can take up to 5 years unless you choose to marry a European citizen to speed up the process.

You will have the same right as all other citizens, few of whom are,

1 Freedom to travel, reside or work in any of the 17 European countries with money or property.
2 Right to Documents of the Agencies of the Union
3 respect for privacy
4 Right to marry/divorce
5 Right to Liberty and Security
6 Right of Petition
7 Freedom of education
8 Right to live
9 Right to own property
10 Freedom of religion
11 Equality between men and women
12 Right to vote and be voted
13 Equal rights before the law
14 Right to appeal to the European Ombudsman
15 Freedom of expression
16 Right to work

Romance is not found only in bushes, towns, cities or homes these days, witness it for yourself when you drive down the romantic roads of Austria between Salzburg and Vienna, take on the glamorous look of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, feel free to have fun in Barcelona Spain all year round. or try visiting Venice in Italy for a glimpse of the beauty of Europe.

You may have been convinced by the little information given above, but wait, there are still more things you need to do as you strive to become a European citizen, one of which is doing a little research on your own and choosing the procedure that is best for you. . for you. Remember that procrastination will never help, so do it now.

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