• June 23, 2022

8 tips for buying a website

It’s great to give wings to your passion! Buying an established website can help you make a profit if you have made the smart or better decision. Before purchasing any website online, there are several factors that need to be considered. Here are certain tips that every buyer should know before executing the idea of ​​buying a website online.

1. Obtain guarantees of having technical knowledge and skills
To run a website successfully, it is essential to have some kind of knowledge related to the website and how to maintain it. Although some sites are fairly simple to keep up and running, any eCommerce website needs to be constantly updated with products, offers, and content. So, along with some business skills, you may also need web developer skill such as working on PHP, JavaScript or MySQL as you may not want to hire someone reliable for small tasks.

2. Look for existing website traffic
Always request the Google Analytics report available on the website before purchasing the website. Do not rely on screenshots or other data as they can also be faked. Ask for user details with Google account to see the analytics up close.

3. Know the type of website – Established or not!
The company that is earning excellent income for a while could dry up in a few months if the website is not well established with a solid analytics report. Be sure to review the metrics for the last six months for monthly traffic, revenue, backlinks, and domain name age.

4. Look for bad links
Always check the website for bad links like penguin or panda. Such errors are difficult to fix especially if you are running the business without any help. So make sure you have everything in place before you take ownership.

5. Make sure you pay the actual amount
The best way to find out if the website is doing well is through your past earnings data. While the website may have the potential to perform very well, you will have to put in the extra effort and money for brand awareness.

6. Watch for any sharp drops or spikes
In case you have noticed a sharp drop or spike in traffic, it may be an effect of something that went wrong with your marketing.

7. Are target audiences converting?
The conversion depends solely on the marketing strategy of the website. However, be sure to monitor your ads and their impact on sales.

8. Things to keep in mind when closing the deal
It is strongly recommended not to make the full payment at closing until you have received all the IDs, passwords from the control panel, FTP and hosting.

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