• April 2, 2021

5 factors that could determine how / why people vote for a candidate

In each election, a variety of circumstances, reasons, rationale / rationale, personal considerations, biases, and who actually takes the time and makes the effort to vote, etc., often determines the winner. As I write this article, today, the United States will have its last day to cast its vote and determine the next president of the United States. Will the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump, be re-elected, or will the former Vice President, Joe Biden, become the 46th president of this nation? We should have learned, four years ago, in 2016, when Mr. Trump, surprisingly to many, upset Hillary Clinton, over the charge, despite what the polls indicated, that the only one who counts is the officer, who ends on election day! However, many are still focusing on the reported polls, perhaps falsely believing, accurately, they will predict the victor. Since many believe this may be one of the most important elections, anyone remembers, because the two candidates have such different points of view and perspectives, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, 5 factors to consider. the ones to pay attention to, in terms of who might become the eventual victor, etc.

one. Who votes ?: Which Americans will decide to exercise their right to vote and which will not? In 2016, more potential voters did not vote than voted for either candidate! While it appears that from early voting we will witness a larger than usual turnout, one of the determining factors will likely be, whose supporters will participate, in greater proportions and numbers? Common sense indicates that certain groups are more likely to support a particular candidate, so this will make a significant difference, etc.

two. Various types of vote removal: We often hear the term articulated voter suppression, but it is important to understand what it means, its impact, and why it matters. While President Trump appears to want to cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process because he believes that restricting the participation of his opponents could benefit him, many are alarmed at the degree we are witnessing. In the past four years, there has been, what appears to be, a concerted effort by Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader McConnell, to skew the makeup of federal courts, especially the Court of Appeals. , and the Supreme Court, to do it, much more conservative. Many feel that this has been done to the extreme! In 2018, we witnessed certain activities that seemed to indicate this, especially in Florida, Georgia, etc., where certain eligible voters found it much more difficult to exercise their rights. This year, we noticed, in areas, like, Texas, etc., where counties, with significant Democratic voters, had their number of polling places, etc., reduced!

3. Good against evil; love versus hate: Some believe, unlike some previous elections. where the choice was simply the lesser of evils, this year, it may be a choice between good and evil, and / or love versus hate. When people are threatened, because of their political beliefs, and this president often seems to allow these enemies, America’s soul, now and in the future, it may be at stake.

Four. Fears versus hopes: In recent years, political publicity seems to have been much more negative, and many of the images seem to be hoping to appeal to fears. prejudices, anxieties, etc., instead of arguing, potential and viable solutions, to challenges, and bringing hope, etc.

5. Irregularities: How might Donald Trump react to undesirable outcomes, and how could this create tension and division? Their first statements often seem focused on trying to create doubts about the legitimacy of the votes and, many expect, more than the usual amount of irregularities, etc.! Due to the pandemic, more people have voted, early and / or absentee, than in the past! While studies show this is safe, etc., it appears that Trump feels that this may not benefit him and is therefore trying to create a polarizing atmosphere!

Wake up America and vote! Make no excuses and vote, as your life and your nation depend on it, because the future of this nation and the soul of our country may be at risk!

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